Track City WorldWide

TrackCity WorldWide est 2011
(TrackCity Urn, TrackCity Feez, and Don Prada)

These three artists have invested years into becoming the best at what they love most. For the past 5 years, each and every day; they have spent several hours creating, recording, and producing their own music. They are so critical of their music that when production is done, it’s Flawless. No matter how good it is, they believe that it can always improve. This shows their work ethic and dedication to their fans by continuously examining their music to be sure it’s the best once released?. With each song being great; but, somehow the new one is always better then the last one; it’s truly UNDENIABLE how great they really are. Their Passion, Ambition, Persistence, and willingness to make it shows through in each new song they create.

Chance Coleman